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Laundry Services

Laundry Location:

Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)

Benefits of Our Laundry Services:

Productivity and Efficiency

If your linens are cleaned in-house by your own staff, the process of sorting the linens, loading them into the washer, transferring them to the dryer, ironing them, folding them and packing them in your business space can be very expensive. This whole process requires a tremendous amount of energy and water. You will also need to purchase product, chemicals, machines, parts and more. In fact, this is a process that may require multiple full time employees for even the smallest of businesses. we also provide laundry for hotels and schools Using our services you can save your time & money.

Preserving fabric quality

In our laundry, items are washed in its proper setting. For example, silks are washed differently from lyocells. This kind of handling is necessary to ensure that all the items are kept in good condition. It is also a very good method to make sure that fabrics will last longer and look its best.

Proper handling of items:

We operate in clean surroundings. We keep our premises free of dust, dirt or any other materials that may sully the clients' clothes. We also do not allow smoking so that the items retain its fragrance from the wash. Laundry service is done by trained personnel who take all the necessary steps to care of the clients' items.

Efficient and timely

We do the job as soon as possible for the convenience of the client.

Competitive rates

We are providing quality services at minimum price.

Free Pickup Delivery

Doesn't matter in which part you reside, we will reach you to provide our services. Our pick up and drop services don't attract any additional charges and what is quoted to you at the beginning is what is charged on the delivery. You can call us for placing your order & we will reach you as soon as possible for pick up and deliver your belongings in a perfect condition within a short duration. Hope that's what you have always wanted from your laundry service provider.

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